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Brand new battery and alternator. Car will start, but slowly idles down until it shuts off completely. A friend who replaced the alternator thought it could be the electronic throttle? Said something about it bei...
Car would start when I sprayed starting fluid but wouldn't stay running. Checked the fuel pump relay and seemed fine and also turned car over with fuel lines disconnected from filter and no spray. The car was running...
Starting at. Fuel line connector, one end of hose connects to fuel filter, now what's the name of the part other end connects too? Thanks,
The car jerks when the rpms go back down. Computer says erg valve or transmission range censor is bad which is it? How do I fix it.
shop said it was the fuel pump i replaced it and still wont start what could be the problem
Cost for replacing K80389 and 4-wheel alignment
Front end is vibrating pulling to the right at 30 mph and above.
We replace head gasket and the head warp. We fix all that now it wont start. It cranks but sometime its hard to start.
2000 mercury mystique has factory alarm auto lock key fob. Battery good in car and key fob. Intermittedly will not turn over to start. If the key fob is used a second time to lock and then unlock the car, it start...
coolant stays in the over flo tank and the needle reads hot
I have an issue where my Flex Pipe (and subsequent repairs) have rusted off, so my car is very loud. It is also missing the heat shield. Since I'm not a car person, I'd like a rough estimate/information on how much th...
catalyst code and transmission code code comes on after a few weeks of driving car runs fine unless driving for long periods of time
i cant finde my fuse box
We have ruled out computer problem, replaced the throttle position sensor, ruled out a cat problem. The car runs good without the A/C. It has just started throwing a oxygen sensor code, but this is a new thing.