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I've worn out 2 sets of tires on the insides while the outsides don't look worn at all in 10,000 miles.
I am trying to replace my drivers side lower control arm hut cannot access the bolt because the transmission/engine is in the way. I looked at the front motor mount and the nut is oddly shaped. I would like to know wh...
Every time I drive off or go over 40 and have the ac on the car will pull back or slip does any body know why I have a mercury mystique 1999
when installing thermostat where should the old ring go....before or behind the thermostat???????
99 merc. mystique will start(sometimes just cranks)then if it is shut off it will not restart for as long as 24hrs/will also stall on when driving/rpms will rev up and down/fuel filter changed made no difference