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Is this dealership repair? How much time and money involved?
I hear clicking noises eveytime I turn left, upon taking the tire of and checking it out, the cv boot is torn. But I still don't know why its clicking or how to fix it? I had the axel ends replaced about 2.5 years ago.
Then gas hand stop workn and lights flickered...all within the hr....this is the first time and I've had it bout a yr and a half
I've tried both the driver's button as well as the passenger's button. It rolls down fine, but I can't get it to roll back up.
power steering tightens or locks up while driving, very dangerous, changed the power steering pump and tigtend lines make sure there anre no leaks and fluid level is ok but still hace the same problem, called Ford and...
Catalyst converter needs replacing about how much will it cost it's been on about 9months
I have tried to find a latch cable for it, but am having no luck. I am assuming the latch snapped. Is it possible that it just may have come off? I am missing fingers and am limited to how much I am will ing to chance...
I may have a broken wire between coil #1 and my PCM...want to know where it is so I can check continuity
I can feel something is "off" when the car is shifting into different gears - Any input would be great. The car has only 60,000 miles on it. Thanks,
How Can this problem be fixed? Do i need another cd player?
Once the anti-lock brakes activates it seems to pump air in the hydraulic system. The first time I was able to bleed the brakes and bring the pedal back to normal. The second time bleeding the brakes didn't help. No w...