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I had diag run at my Ford dealer. This seems to be a really high price
orange wrench is lighting up on my dashboard
Car has 125,000 miles. Is it something I can tackle?
Having the problem where the key gets stuck in the ignition and will not come out. Expecting to have to remove the shift knob. The sensor as I understand it is not sold separately and is part of the shifter assembly.
Can't seem to find any help on any search engine the web offers (biggest waste of time)
I was told my engine is tapping so either my lifters are about to go out or my engine is about to die. I was told my oil was too thin and it has too much in it but I was under the impression I needed to have it change...
My mechanic has checked the fluid, checked mechanicals at all for corners, checked the pads, bled the lines and found no leaks and nothing wrong. The brakes used to engage within an inch or so of applying my foot. A f...
I can open the door using the little lock lever, but the driver side door does not lock either with the key or remote lock/open. It just started happening, and I have discovered others have had this problem as well. A...
Car has 82,000 miles. Replaced battery and one month later emission light came on. Codes PO 305 and 301 cylinder misfires came up. Replaced all 6 spark plugs and 6 ignition coils and intake gasket. Cylinder 5 kept...
Had to replace all 6 plugs and coils along with the engine control module. Also, am being charged $100 for me to keep the old engine control module. Why
After some kicking and crusing i reset the computer and car ran great...will this cuase any issue or is it normal for this to happen?
Even dialing "max cool", the temp is barely cool. A possible leak, or is blockage more likely? Can the thermostat affect the performance of the A/C ?
of acceleration during braking. Say...at 40mph you let up on gas, start to Coast towards a red lite, then begin to brake. Accellerator doesn't disengage And starts to pull, even with hard braking, sometimes so stron...
I get heat but it takes a lot longer than it used to so I tohught it might be the thermostat, is this a good idea
First a change of fuses worked for several months. Now it blows fuses as fast as they are put in.