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i changed the oil but the light still comes on (theres knocking in the engine)
Cable slips off every time driven - Car runs till arrival but will not restart - the cable has slipped off. Have to push it back on and reset clock/radio/etc. If it grounds while driving - could be serious. Dealer ...
where is the fuel filter and cabin filter located on the wehicle?
This 2005 4WD 6 cyl. Mercury Mariner has 130,000 miles. I am hearing noise ( grinding, pulsating ) from differential.Fluid levels, shifting functions are all OK. Metal shavings in pan are present. Is it ready to fail?
Has anyone heard of both reluctor rings being broken ? This seems to be a piece of crap set-up for ABS sensors. I had a repair tech rerplace on of the sensors that he claimed was bad $250.00 and light comes on & off. ...
what are the cylinder numbers sequence?
lost power batt. Light came on bad alternator
4x4 will not work only the front wheels pull and not the back
I was charged 65.00 towing, 100.00 alternator assembly, 287.00 alternator, 165.00 labor.and they refused to return the old alternator so I could get my core charge back. Is this the correct way for a merchant to handl...
Does your estimate include changing the transmission oil filter?
Hey, I have a 2005 Mercury Mariner. How do you set up the auto locking door thing? thanks!
Where is the fuel filter located on this vehicle and how do I change it?
abs and 4-wheel drive lights are on. how much are these repairs usally.
There doesn't appear to be acess from under the hood.
My rear window washer has stopped working. I can hear the pump working so I think the line and/or nozzle are plugged. How do I access the nozzle? I can't see any place to get at it from the back side of the rear li...