2008 Mercury Grand Marquis Questions

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Door will open from outside but not with handle on inside.

Cannot get driver door to open from inside. Will open from outside. Power locks/unlocks OK.

Does anyone know what causes this

I had an oil change and the garage told me that my head gaskets are leaking oil, pan covers need replacing and my front oil seal is leaking cost 27.00.00 I had no indications of any kind and my garage floor shows no spots I only have 68,000 miles on car. What can I do to check it out I thin its a scam. Thank You

very spiratic, might not happen at all, might happen a couple times? Short trips no problem.

When I turn the air control switch to any position defrost, feet, vent ac they all work except just blows out hot air. even with the cold hot switch on cold.

It's out and I tried disconnecting the battery but it doesn't help!

Had this problem with a previous grand marquis and it quit closing. Think it is the actuator or solenoid, but not sure which is actually in this trunk. Went to the Ford place and they said I had to replace the whole trunk assembly. Does that include both?

it was full with no leaks, But when I turn my control module on max a/c or normal a/c it blows hot air, what could be the problem?

not only are my instrument and radio illumination going off and on intermittently but my automatic door locks wont lock when i pull off. also my remote door lock wont lock or unlock my doors or pop open my trunk. now my rear defroster wont operate. is this a source of one issue or multiple issues? I have looked into my fuses per manual and found nothing burnt out.

the ones that were burnt out i replaced but still doesnt seem to be getting a charge from either charging outlet and ideas?