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How do you check the vent controllers and what else may be going wrong?
screen where compass located is blank (not lit up)
بعد تنظيف الثروتل بدي وحساس الهواء اختل منظم اا الهواء
when the tank is less than half full there are no fumes
While driving down the interstate, the dashboard light went dim, the AC motor stopped working, and the car shut off and would not restart. Had the car towed to a dealer and was told the computer said it was EPR Valve?...
The check engine light has also came on. There is an OFF button also that comes on when the car is placed in drive.
We had to exchange batteries in my car. When we hooked up the new battery, there was a clicking noise. I read in my manuel there were steps to take, but when we did this it does not seem to work. It will blow cold for...
the car is usually traveling between 50-60, its wet out(raining or snowing) when it happens. May only happen once in the morning and maybe not for a week, then when its snowing and traveling 50 drop out 6-7 times. Th...
37,000 miles on car, no increase in rpms, only "slips" for about 1 second.
the gas hand going down it did it one time before but the guy that fixed it is no longer around and no one knows. can you help?
wipers come on with switch off or keep running or when they do stop it can be anywhere on window
I need Instructions to replace A/C accumulater & re-charge the A/C system on my 2007 Mercury Grand Marquis.
will switch from heater to defroster by itself