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I added a quart, appeared to be enough, then several days late was down again, went to service garage they said was down 2 quarts, could not find any leaks, changed fluid thought might have not filled, not in radiator...
Inside the car the air condition only blows hot air but when checking the AC under the hood the lines are frosted over to indicate the AC is working.
I have a new wiper motor,change out the harness but same issue
The car has not been in accident, when engin starts it flashes 3 times then 4 times then stays on until engin is turned off. Has about 43000 actual miles on vehicle.
That is the lever on the left side of the steering column.
every thing eles is working on my 2005 grand marquis except the digital sppedomer. i replace te whole cluster with a used one and still have the same problem. PLEASE HELP. THANK U
my grand marquis recently started making a loud knock i think its a rod but need some advice
high beam switch towards the steering wheel i am trying to figure out if it is the high beam switch or the light module also when the car is running the fan rattles...is there bolts on that fan to tighten it or do i n...
The temperature gauge went all the way to the top. I turned the A/C off and the temperature went back down to normal. the check engine light went off the next day and has been off ever since. the car seems to run fine...
This happened last year bought my car used 2 years ago. leanna