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At 34,000 miles, a knock is audible from the right side of the engine only when accelerating. Similar to low octane knock but not quite.
At about 34,700 miles, began to hear a knocking sound when accelerating. Similar to low octane knock sound but likely not. Any ideas?
Having issues with the heater as winter is approaching. So, I've done some research and unable to find exactly what I need. First, my A/C works perfecrtly. The blower works great as well. And last winter, the heat...
First time yesterday, but radiator rusted and put in water. No leaks I am aware of.
For the past two years my defroster has run perpetually. It turns on immediately when car is started. Car does not overheat but hot air blowing makes interior of car unbearable. Probable electrical as follwing are no ...
What would be the problem for the two electric windows?
When they go off i have to hold the lever on bright for then to work
The lights come on and off and we were told it was the light modulator. Is this a big problem with this year and car?
Trying to increase gas mileage- local 9-10mpg short hwy. - 13 long (100 miles) hwy.-25!
I can not feel wetness in area but small coolant puddle on floor each morning. Possible manifold crack I have heard about ?
i need this fixed asap but i have little money so i need to fix it my self..i do see i am not the only one that has had this problem
Bought a 2004 Mercury Grand Marquis LS Ultimate Edition used in Sep 2012. Cruise control buttons are on the steering wheel. PROBLEM: Cruise control buttons on steering wheel have never worked since day one. C...
the blower inside the car does not run. the digital display works, compressor cycles but no air inside