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petal real touchy gains speed slowly can get to speed not safely
i just put in a 04 crownvic transmission I change the speed sensor
Heater blend door actuator needs replaced my heater does not work---estimate cost---2003 Gr. Marquis
needs replaced---my heater is not working---Estimate repair?
where to get parts, and how much
what could becauing it and what is the primary and the secondary circuit i put new plugs and coils in it still not wolking on cyc d. e. f. and h
now its doing the same thing when I drive and it go to change gears its make a sound of ramble (not sure how to discribe). and I want to know how do I add gear oil, my husband used to add it under the rear axel is thi...
battery went dead it was startin at first after i took it off the hill it want start
work. the tempiture works the blower works high and low but the air comes throegh the dash vents only not on floor or defrost vent this is my priblem
how much does it cost to replace transhmition