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Answered 2003 Mercury Grand Marquis Questions

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The light's don't come when it gets dark sometimes they do.
interment problem ( dome and back reading lights) any one else have this problem and what was the fix.
check enginelight came on an I took it to auto zone and it said plug # 2 where is it on the left or right?
The gas cap has been replaced along with some of the vacuum hose located underneath/near the gas tank. Took it an Auto Zone and got a P0442 when they checked it. What's the cost to replace a purge and/or a vent soleno...
I was told to change to Fuel Pump control module. Would this help solve the vibration problem..!!
My light go out when driving at night and I cannot get them to come on. I know that Ford Motor Co. will replace them for no cost. Don Davis said that I need to have a $99.99 diagnostic test before replacing the unit. ...
put in new battery & started right up. shut down on its own after about a minute & now won't start again