does the abs on my car cause a rumbling noise when you first start up the car. what part has to be replaced to correct this problem. noise just started 3 months ago

The car shifts perfect both at slow speeds and if i get on it. I thought it was torque converter, i went and bought parts to change it but mechanic said i was wasting my time that it just needed a tune up. Still doing the same thing just not as often. No slipping, fluid looks perfect, would a misfire cause that sort of noise??

I just bought a 03 grand marquis. So I decided to go on the express to get to my destination faster. When I got home I noticed that my rear tires were lifted. I turned off my car and they went back to normal. If I use it on the street nothing happens.

I put my car in drive it goes in reverse

I tried to start my car and it won't. I bought a new battery because the old one was bad but now it's not wanting to turn over. It's been sitting for a few weeks in some cold weather with low gas and I think the gas lines may be froze or my pump has failed. Any thoughts?

There is difficulty or delay when shifting from 1st to 2nd gear and a loud whining noise. This has been occurring for a while. Will I have to replace the entire transmission or is it possible to just replace/repair the front pump?

ok, we bought this car used and it had sat for a while, the first time we took it for a spin the right rear wheel was got hot and started smoking. I found a leak at the axle seal, I repaired and then replaced the brake pads, parking brake pads and the rotors for both sides. another drive, months later and smoking at the wheel again. broken pad this time, repaired. months later now and the left side, same symptom.