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I think a fuse or flasher or relay but no fuses blown I swiched the horn relay with another and nothing changed.
Checked the fuses and relay tried switching relay with another one. All fuses are good. Have not checked the heavy duty fuses on drivers inner wheel well.
and every thing shuts off it kills the battery, I put a alternator, coil and cleaned the battery but nothing the battery keeps going low and everything shuts off and car stops
and injuring driver when activated? article in local newspaper faulting TAKATA so stated.
It's ticking. No oil pressure getting in the 2 of the lifters. We've replaced the all lifters, all rocker arms, water pump, oil (5W20), oil filter, pulleys, timing chains, chain guides, and sprocket. We cleaned the o...
There are no diagnostic codes on the car and my check engine light is not on. While I'm driving it will start giving the feel like my car is running out of gas. Once it sit for about 20 mins. Then I can drive it until...
because i need to install the keyless entry
Blower only works in position 1,2,3 and not in position 4. Where is the blower motor relay located and how do you remove it in a 02 Mercury Grand Marquis.
Head lights not working. Diognostic found the computer processor that controls all the lights for the car was bad. How much to replace lights computer processor?