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I think a fuse or flasher or relay but no fuses blown I swiched the horn relay with another and nothing changed.
Checked the fuses and relay tried switching relay with another one. All fuses are good. Have not checked the heavy duty fuses on drivers inner wheel well.
Unable to get it out of park, no break lights, turn signal or hazard. Head lights work and so do the tail lights. what is wrong? I have replaced the pigtail connector at the break light switch. What do I do next?
and every thing shuts off it kills the battery, I put a alternator, coil and cleaned the battery but nothing the battery keeps going low and everything shuts off and car stops
While driving on dry roads, mainly going up hill, as I speed up car starts vibrating like road has ruffles in it. Sometimes just going down the road it does this when I let off the gas its stops, what is wrong and cau...
and injuring driver when activated? article in local newspaper faulting TAKATA so stated.
It's ticking. No oil pressure getting in the 2 of the lifters. We've replaced the all lifters, all rocker arms, water pump, oil (5W20), oil filter, pulleys, timing chains, chain guides, and sprocket. We cleaned the o...
The car has a vinyl top that is cracking and pealing. has been setting out in the sun.
My ac was working this morning and then when I started my car up this afternoon the ac was blowing out hot air. I let it run for a while but it keep getting hotter and hotter.
I flushed out the old coolant and added new. I changed the thermostat. On Thursday ran fine then it's tuesday it over heating again.