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When I pick up speeds to 80 mph and make a full complete stop it takes off fine but if I don't get it up to 75 or 80 mph first it will pull off and pick up speeds very slow what is the problem?
We had a tune up done and it still say cylinder 4 is misfiring what could this be is the engine going bad or is it something easy to fix . And the car is stalling and then the engine light blinks.
When using repairpal for an estimate it doesn't the whole assembly, just fuel pump.
Fuses are good. It use to work sometimes but now nothing. Please help. Need heat for my mother and kids.
im reading something about a Pat System before I could install the new pump my car got broken into my whole colum was destroyed so I had to switch out the old colum from another drand marquis it even came with the pat...
When driving at normal highway speeds, the steering is VERY sensitive. Minor steering inputs can become overcorrections and the car becomes almost unstable. Bad struts or shocks? Bad ball joints? Steering dampenin...
Need to know what size tap was used to cut threads and what size screw in nipple was used. I think original hole is 9/16th meaning a 5/8 tap was needed but can't find nipple to use.
The engine cranks fine but will not start. Could this be a fuel pump failure? The car is clean and well maintained. It has 120K miles.
Put on max ac still blows hot. Checked nd recharged ac nd its good. No leaks. Ac compressor turns on . I really need help figuring this problem out. Have a 3 month baby.please thank you
I have to re-charge my battery at least every other day, and it drains as i drive. I have already tried a battery change...and it made very little difference, the charge just lasts longer.