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Auto will not go into park it goes into reverse. when going into drive there is alot of play within the shifting lever. Have to find neutral to start car. Can I make repair by removing underneath of steering wheel cov...
ECU no codes, tune up, filters,plugs. hesitates on slow acceloration. Drives great under load. pronounce shifting at 40 mph accel or decelloration. I think trans due to SCT Programming I installed 2 years ago
sometimes they will park, sometimes not..lately, not at all
What settings do it go on maybe I'm setting it wrong
my headlights and low light tail lights will only come on when the car is off and the headlight switch is turned on. dash lights and the interior clock light wont turn on at all. I just bought an LCM so i know it is n...
I have worked on this unit replaced the orfice, and the accumlator. I vaccum the system down to minus 30hhg. Recharged the unit. The botton line where the orfice tube is get's icy cold but the accumlator stays warm. T...
had battery and alternator checked and they check good! driving is fine,only when i stop it seems it wants to kill, when i get home sometimes it seems to be ok. do i have a choke on my car?
my car cranks and cranks and wont start, plugged in my scanner and it does not power on, it works on all my other cars so i know its not the scanner. had it towed to shop they said to replace computer so i did and sti...
need to remove bulb- switch appears to be malfunctioning and want to remove bulb temp. to keep battery from draining when car not driven.
It acts like the shifter is not all the way in park. I have tried to move the shifter, but that has not made a difference