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rear end dropped started car in 5min rear end up drove 20min lite on dash came on is leak fixable;appox cost
I went to get rear hangers put on my car at ford dealership because exhaust was dragging. A day after the trac control light started coming on and making the car stall. When I would hit around 35-38 mph the light come...
I put on a new intake manifold on my Grand Marquis GS 4.6 Litre, made sure the wires were right and cranked it up. The engine begins running rough after it has run for a few seconds. OBDII shows no codes after multi...
in the morning i go out and start my car. within a minute it start to idle down then back up then down it contiues this until its warm if i was to drive it before it warms up it would not idle down when i come to ...
when started runs fine at idle dies when put in gear when cold till warmed up no vacuum leaks have already replaced idle speed control valve no check engine light is on no codes at engine diagonstics
Is there a delay switch or fuse that causes this?
My grand marquis hesitate when hitting 33 miles per hour why?
I cannot unlock or lock the doors automatically or manually. What is the problem and how can I fix it?
Some times the two lights will come on and will not go off until I turn the car off and back one.
is it the steering box or above the rag joint. steering gets better after libricating shaft,but only for awile.
the lights for all the above come on after the car is shut down. The lights don't come on right away.If I check my car in say ahalf hour or more I see all the above lights on,but their not as bright as if I turned the...