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Compass reads 180 degrees out of phase. It tells me the direction behind me not the direction in front.
When I start my car it won't come out of park, it has an safety lock, I need help trying to get it out of park!
My speedometer, oil temp and battery voltometer are not working, fuel gauge is working fine. Fuse number 13 is blown, but radio, lights and indicators are working fine. Is it safe to drive the car?
My headlights, dome light, and turn signals do not work. All other electrical functions are fine.
I just want to know which fuse to pull to temporarily solve the issue. Thank you.
this problem started in 2008 when the car wad repaired after an accident. nobody seems to be able to find the problem. they replaced fuses. my hazard lights work fine.
gear shift lever feels "loose" could the shift cable be the problem? this is first time it has happened
Seems to crank fine with full tank of gas. Do you think it is the spark plugs--never been replaced? Idles fine and runs fine.
Would this require major work, and if so, what would be the approximate cost to make major repairs? The "check engine light" stayed on continuously. Need cost of diagnosis plus cost of any possible major repairs....T...