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It started doing it only when im on a bumpy road or hit a hole. Everyone I asked and let hear it said it was the ball joints saw I bought brand new upper and lower ball joints for driver and passenger sides and had th...
I have to sit & hold the gas pedal for 15-20mins until it will stay crunk on its own. But then it will idle up/down up/down for 15-20mins before it will idle Really high(like it was hit with nitrogen) & then it will r...
Problem occurs only when warmed up.Check engine light flashes on and off.Car indicates four bars when warmed up and goes back and forth to three bars.A vibrating sound under driver's seat.
Is this a problem with the control arm itself [internal switch] or a fuse or wiring problem
How do I tighten the my windsheild wiper blade to windsheild?
The past few months we have noticed that the passenger side carpet closest to the seat is wet. We thought it was due to rain, but that is not it. It only has 36K original miles. We drove it this weekend and ran the...
m heater & defroster blow cold air most of the time. When they do blow hot air it's only for a few minutes. Have replaced thermostat but that didn't solve problem. What could be causing this problem?
How do I override security system? The car will not crank & the gear shift is hard to put in park so the auto guy says it just needs to be reset.
The cruise control doesn't work. All fuses are ok and there are no other electrical problem associated with this, the brake lights work properly. I checked the cruise deactivation switch at the brake pedal and it is...
Wiper wont come on washer works but no wipers
how do i access the wiper motor
How often should you replace it
There is a little door that swings one way when the heat is on and the other way when the air is on. My door is stuck on the heat side. We are roasting.
It over-heated a few months back and I replaced the relay and fan because the fan was barely spinning. Now week ago it over-heated again and my mechanic said the fan was bad and I replaced it again. Now it runs slow...