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There was no cold air coming from the air conditioner.
the lights for all the above come on after the car is shut down. The lights don't come on right away.If I check my car in say ahalf hour or more I see all the above lights on,but their not as bright as if I turned the...
front drivers side went, should both be replaced. Car has 160000 miles on it
The window will not let down. I need to check behind panel to tell if it is the motor or switch.
how do you hange a starter.and battery cables.
Cassette tape player makes a sgueaking noise when tape is inserted
Like to buy a owners manuel 1999 GRAND NARQUIS
LOW HEAT Some said it's the ACTUATOR not openjng the BLEND door. Checked everything else
and the flash part of the mfs works.all the running lights and turn signals work. thanks for any help.
I looked under the hood and the silver part of the air conditioner insulation has worn off. The inside "cotton" part is showing. Is it Ok to leave it like that or should I get the isulation replaced?
I think it goes to the emmission system, there is a black box looking thing that it and another hose is coming out of but I can't find where the hose goes.
i had rear axes done and put 1 32oz bottle of gear oil how much gear oil it take to fill
it is usually split somewhere when it is removed. What causes this. Dealership is no help at all!