when started runs fine at idle dies when put in gear when cold till warmed up no vacuum leaks have already replaced idle speed control valve no check engine light is on no codes at engine diagonstics

Is there a delay switch or fuse that causes this?

My speedometer, oil temp and battery voltometer are not working, fuel gauge is working fine. Fuse number 13 is blown, but radio, lights and indicators are working fine. Is it safe to drive the car?

My headlights, dome light, and turn signals do not work. All other electrical functions are fine.

My grand marquis hesitate when hitting 33 miles per hour why?

Driver side

I cannot unlock or lock the doors automatically or manually. What is the problem and how can I fix it?

I just want to know which fuse to pull to temporarily solve the issue. Thank you.

this problem started in 2008 when the car wad repaired after an accident. nobody seems to be able to find the problem. they replaced fuses. my hazard lights work fine.

how do I recharge it