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I had checked it and i had#7 miss firing....now this week when I started the car....it started knocking
I have to stop for it to go off. I drive a little farther and it does it again. Is it a sensor issue?
My interior lights, radio and climate control all shutdown when the voltage spikes. As the RPM of the engine returns to the normal range, the everything usually works properly. Sometimes the ABS light stays on, but ...
My 98 Grand Marquis voltage gauge started intermittently dropping and the lights would dim. I replaced the alternator and the 3 pin pigtail since it was cracking. I still have the same problem with the voltage intermi...
my heater blend door needs to be replaced how do i do it?
The # 5 15 amp fuse position.This has begun recently. I have gone through 5 fuses. The fuses only last about 1 minute then I don't have any trun signals.The 4 way hazard flashers work fine.
it blows hot air only throught he vents and the compressor is on and the lines under the hood air cold.
when l take off my car starts to shakes and slipping
The car started cutting off about 3 months ago while driving and would not crank back up. Took it to one shop and replaced battery cables and battery. Car ran good for about 4 days and quit again in the car wash. New ...
EATC (Automtic climate control has been rebuilt). Still blowing hot air. Suspect blend door or actuator. Money tight and must find a reasonable price.
I'm trying to recharge my cars ac, it's blowing hot air. I have checked for leaks but to see or feel any. Can someone tell me where the port is so I can recharge the unit. I have a 4.6 liter engine and there are to po...