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how much would it coast to fix
Buy if I get it on hwy speed it seems to run ok
Noticed while driving home that my brake lights decided they didn't want to turn off. I've tried googling possible reasons but nothing seems to really lead me to an accurate answer.
I changed the sway bar, ball joints what am I missing
when the car has been sitting cold, I have to pump the gas pedal several times for it to start .After it warms, it starts quickly without pumping. How do I correct this???
When I turn on my turn signals(either way), the flasher flashes irattically.Sometimes it's ok and then it will become irratic. Is this a problem with the control or the flasher?
It's a 1998 mercury grand marquis It will turn over but won't start Only the driver side got wet
replaced water pump, hoses, thermostat, radiator,and reservoir bottle...had overheating (1-2 times a week) issues for the last year after heater core replacement...checked for air in system..hose blew so I did all the...
My 98 Marquis revs up and down intermittently. This will only happen when the car is in idle but in drive AND the heat is on. It does not rev when in park. It seems to subside when temperatures outside are below fre...
but had put a rebuild kit back in there and now it wont move.
You can start it by tapping the key and won't start in park. Its sounds as if its hitting the flywheel and is always engaged. Took the old starter off it was burnt up put new one on still does the same thing. Any ideas?
It doesn't hesitate long or often, but there none the less
My batt light comes off and on and the car is running rough almost as though it