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My wifes Grand Marquis GS w(precision Track) has been getting a lower and lower Dist to empty on fillup. The gauges are all digital, wondering if a tune up would solve this / cleaning MAF etc. I disconnected the batte...
how do i change spark plugs, step by step instructions
My 1998 Mercury Grand Marquie has an electrical problem, The Windsheiled wipers will not go down. The power door locks are not working along with the alarm system.I replaced the batterys in the hand remotes to see if ...
How much should and engine replacement cost? If i already have the engine? Labor cost.
They turn off every night. I can drive about 20 to 30 minutes and they will go off by their self. I turn off the switch for about twenty seconds and then they come back on. I've already replaced my headlight switch.
The problem occured this morning on the high way its kind of jurky shaking feeling
1998 Grand Marquis is leaking a little antifreeze and skipping. The price I was quoted is $590.00 for the 'plastic' manifold, including labor. Does that sound about right?
how much to replace the v8 engine
more overall engine noise, decreased power at take off, ecceleration at hiway speeds sluggish. engine light on. I need a trust worthy mechanic. new to NE.
whats does it mean when your car cranks but wont start up on a 1998 Mercury Grand Marquis i was driving it on the road n it just cut off on me so i had the battery charged it cranks but doesnt cut on wat could it be
new alternator (2-3 mo); new battery (installed today); new serpentine belt; new belt tensioner all changed today...but the battery light is still on (the red warning light on the dashboard). does it take time for the...
When driving at normal speed I hear a slight slamming noise in rear when I accelerate. Reminds me of a transmission shifting but the transmission is not shifting, there is just a slamming noise. It is not loud, but ...
Car is heating normally but no longer blows hot air. We replaced the thermastat and that was not the problem
My A/C is blowing very hot air. What is my problem?
when the car has been parked overnight and then started next day this light comes on after driving a few miles. then it will go out after I keep driving