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Right after exterior and undercarriage car wash for this car, shortly after acquiring it. Checked all the fuses under the dash, all were OK. Baffled at first, checked with place that was installing two new tires. T...
I bought a car from a dealer that had a check engine light on. He told me it was a misfier and cleared it, but now it came on and mechanics are telling me it's something else (catalytic converter). I'd like to check i...
Car broke down few weeks ago at this time I had hazard lights brake lights turn signals CIG lighter worked .all of a sudden nothing . thank you only had for three months two previous owners appeared to car for the car
It only leak when I first start her up for the day but after that she don't leak
How much should i pay for this service?
had new air bags installed and do have a small leak but compressor will only run for about 2 - 3 seconds when turning on the ignition. I can turn the ignition on and off continuously until the air bags reach the right...
done fuel filter havnt done fuel pressure test yet will pressure test tomorrow just wondering if there is a COMMON PROB with this vehicle other then fuel pump
AC System accumulator
And is that the only thing to cause a bad squeaky noise when hitting a pot hole or speed bump.
Have 4 keys can not open any door or the trunk with any of the 4 keys.
Worse at low speeds. Attempts to push on dash here and there to stop have been unsuccessful.