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Before this happened would run but cut off stop light
backward is located on the door panel. The one that reclines the back of the seat is located on the side of the seat. Somebody reclined the back of the seat and now I can't move it upright. You can hear the motor tryi...
sometime slight click from starter, everything dead.
A few months ago the system started to make a poping noise inside the dash like one of the control functions was in a stuck position. Noise stopped now AC will not work.
The car wouldn't start and I'm being told the air compressor is frozen and won't allow the car to turn over because it's on the same belt as many other components. Is this possible? Thanks,
lights work radio works but when i turn the ignition on it makes a rattle sound
noise comes from front end and I beleive its associated with suspension. what could this be. any recalls for this problem?
it feels like it is something with in the linkage along the column (steering) Itried to fallow the linkage and dont see any problems but can not shift any advice ?
It doesnt matter if its a fast or slow idle, when the lights are turned on,the car dies, if the brake peddle is depressed the car dies. After it dies the wipers come on.
Not showing on this site for estimate!