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p0402 code all tests of dpfe and selenoid are good only vacuum valve does not significantly effect idle when vacuum is applied
the oil light stays on after changing the oil and filter.
On the climate control the blue button on the control for some reason will not change from hot to cold. All I get is hot air and I get hot air coming out of all vents too. Can YOu help?
My mechanic is having problems with the lining pattern for the transmission bolts. I recently got bought a 92 4.6L V8 engine to replace my 95 4.6L V8;however, I was told by different professionals that it doesn't make...
Was going 60mph, suddenly engine lost all power. Would still drive, but not beyond idle. Even in park, tried revving engine but it seemed like it was bogging down and never revved up. Had to pull it up hill at end of ...
replaced ignition lock cylinder and ignition switch
show picture of dash and where motor is at
Headlamp covers now significantly imped visability
Car runs Great but once in a while will stall out at traffic lights . Seems to be a drop in rpm .
Only blowing out warm or hot air. Checked the R134a coolant and it seems to be full. Also checked the fuses under the dash and under the hood and they are all good. Not really sure what else to check?
i was hooking up a stereo system in my 1995 grand marquis and all my exterier lights stopped working now i cant drive my car at all. what happened and how do i fix it?