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The intake manifold on my 1994 grand marquise is steal can it be replaced with a plastic one
it was working just fine but my back lights went out and this man hookked them up the wrong way so my car cut off while i was driving and wont start back up
problem just started. first i couldnt get it out of park.now i've figured that out.replaced fuse and put relay fuse on.but driver signal still wont flash.
Drivers side wheel came off car. what are the parts that were damaged and caused the wheel to come off?
Hi, the outside temp reading is erratic and I cant find the cause. there are 2 sensors mounted in front of the radiator, one for the ATC and the other for the outside temp . Here are symptoms : when I first sta...
I have no running lights but headlights and brake/turn signals all work. Do i really need to remove dashboard?