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What kind of speedometer does a 1994 grand marquis have, mechanical or electrical
when i accelerate the car will sputter, this eventually goes away but it will take a good 20 min straight of driving. its like when ever i accelerate it will jerk forward and put along until it gives the final put and...
my dash light and back tail not working checked fuse and bulbs still not working
Is it normal that after a traction loss, the anti-lock light comes on, then quits working , and in order to reset it, the igniton has to be turned off and then on?
Okay I Want To Know Whats wrong with my car when my battery wont stay charged but the altenator is good and then it starts right up after a jump but if i turn it off for 30 mins or more the battery will drain then i h...
instrument panel lights out along with rear running lights. fuse okay
engine stalls while waiting at long traffic lights. engine Hot A/C off Transmission in D starts no problem right after 180000 Km plug and wires :new Any ideas? Thank you
my engine is losing oil--i fill it and drive and it leaks out to a certain point and then stops leaking, leaving about 2 qts. in the engine...someone told me that it was probably the front and/or rear engine seals.....
From my last question you said my shocks and suspension could be worn out-will it help if I get them lubed-oil, because the car had been sitting a long time when i brought it
When I turn my wheel or go over a bump or anything my car squeaks loudly in the front