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dash and tail lights not working but break and turn signals do.
1994 Grand Marquis is over heating it has a pin hole at the back of the engine small hose that clamps to the engine there is a pin hole right under the hose that hose connects to the Temperature-sensing electric heate...
How do I get the fuel flap open now that the release button in driver's door is broken?
my heater doesnt work it wont heat at all
once in a while my car smokes white when i sit at a signal and then take off what could be the problem and how much to fix
recently had to replace both rear brake lines. after doing so and bleeding system, selector arm will not engage tranny even with foot on brake. also, no brake lights either though I'm sure switch is good. Any help?
Had problems with dash lites tail lights , changed light switch everything ok with lights but now the battery lite on dash stays on, battery checks ok. There was a burnt wire on light switch could that be the problem...
parking lights ,dash lights, tail lights, brake lights don't work ,but head lights & turn lights work OK What could be the problem ? Checked all fuses all are OK Thanks
Check engine light keeps coming on. Every time I drive the car. Advised by the mechanic that the sensor light needs replacing What would the cost be for this.
A small leak once every other week
I cannot shift into an gear as the gear shift is locked in Park by O/D which reads on the dash O/D is off I press the button and the light goes off b ut it still will not shift What do I do?? My Email is edmaryscott@...
My car just started hesitating when i reach speeds of 50 and above. Why does my car do that?
how do you know when your heater core needs to be replaced?
when accelerating slowly 38 to 45 mph feels like vibration . hard acceleration ok? car has 40k not driven much last 16 years. jgr8cooks@yahoo.com