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The intake manifold on my 1994 grand marquise is steal can it be replaced with a plastic one
So recently I bought a used car from a dealership outright. When I first bought it, there were some problems and they thought it was due to a dead battery which would have made a ton of sense. About a week later, it d...
Interior lights turn off when brakes are applied
I have a oil leak coming from the oil filter adapter gasket and i need to file a shop for the best price to replace gasket
I changed the fuel Pump and got no good results.
I bought my car 4 months ago. I have been through 3 altinators and 3 batteries. nobody knows whats wrong everytime I start my car I have to jump it for the last 3 months. I am a 28 year old single woman. have alil kno...
what is a good estimate for what a mechanic would charge to install ac compressor clutch bearings
it was working just fine but my back lights went out and this man hookked them up the wrong way so my car cut off while i was driving and wont start back up
How do I get to the two top bolts?
Fan for air condiioning not working but condenser cools and fuses check OL
When the air conditioner is on and i give accelator to the car the air of air conditioner comes on to the feet and not from the front panel.
ive already gave it atune up, checked injectors feul press at 31psi plus installed a maf,egr and cleaned t-body. allso tried to retrieve codes but scanner just wouldnt pullthem
how to change a air bag module?