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After installing the lock and cylinder can not get the key into the lock position.
wondering where I can find a diagram pictures instructions of door latch assembly, how to install, it is also hooked up to keypad entry
Hi please can you assist me with the cylinder head torque specs for a lincoln mercury grand marquis ls thanks
a tried to change from floor to defrost. airflow still will not change
When I called the auto parts store there were several types of sensors for this year/make/model available. How do I know which one to replace? This car only has 90,000 miles on it and is in imaculate condition. I cann...
The temp gauge rises to almost max in town and on freeway. Check engine light coming on for a long time but mostly pulling a hill. Transmission sounds like it is neutral when in overdrive. Have replaced everthing to d...
head lights go offo and on while I am sitting still
will not switch to floor for heat either. blower won't come on. Could it be a sensor problem?
My airbag light is blinking on the dash, I scanned for codes got a 13, short to ground. What do I need to check? the air bag has never been deployed. Would the clock spring cause this?
car will not switch n to third geer .!!!!