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My heat only works for a short period of time then it turns cold. No heat!!! What's the problem?
It starts in any gear it will move then stop is this a bad transmission or something else
Can I use the one with two rails and what do I need to connect it
bottom, back,left of engine there is a plug in. ..mine had nothing plugged into it. ..it's it a knock or oil sensor?
They broke my sway bar link and hub when fixing control arms And they charged me for them.The shop said they would do the work free if I bought the parts and then says he did not say that when I went to get my car he...
I have had the car looked at and the mechanic said this is what I need to do.
I need a diagram for the vacuum hose setup! Thanks
My car will start and go about 200ft and the transmission will stop pulling as though I would have put the car in neutral. I can shut the car off for a period of 5 to 10 min. and start it back and it will go another 2...
My car has an aftermarket alarm with auto start...When it gets hot(the car, from driving) or its hot outside the car loses power and doesnt want to start.If you hit the auto start itll power up but not stay running......
I have replaced all blinker bulbs and checked all fuses that seem all good. Now the problem has gone from intermittent to failure,and I have no blinkers or hazard lights at all.
How do I remove the motor? I have the panel off and removed the 3 screws holding the motor. What else do I need to take off. I can't see much because everything is obstructed.
how can i get an axle to stay in transmission on drivers side