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I was told it was EGR but replaced value , seLenoiD and one other thing that goes to that.But still makes loud noise.If I take mass air senser of and unplug hose going to Idle control valu it will stop can someon...
After I hear this sound and I am making a turn the car turns off, but will start back up. I have been checking the fluids regularly. Need help. thank you
Does anyone know where Somewhere to buy all of the factory body panels, interior pieces,and stock mechanical parts?
check and add oil continuously, leaks from front of car
the power windows started sticking one day and while they will sometimes work- ish and does make the sound in the door they wont go down more than about a half inch at a time and will not go back up. what is it and ...
It casues my eyes to burn and my heart to race.
o2 sensor was going on first for about 2 years now have changed sensor,plugs,wires runs fine just dont know what else keeps switching codes around help need answers smog check soon.By the way my 4.6 averages about 32-...
How do you recharge ac system on a 97 Mercury Cougar
my brake lights not working. i replaced the brake light switch and it still not working. i was told it might be the wiring. do anyone no how much it will cost to get it fix?
I replace the intake manifold on my car, now when I start it up it runs ruff. the idle is low. I checked all hoes and connections but when I try to drive it it runs like it wants to turn off. any help is good
Check engine light doesnt come on and needs to be replaced what does it look like
how to put headlight assembly in to the header panel after you replaced header panel dont understand the black plastic pieces on the threaded studs