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I had my oil changed about a month ago. Now I have to add a quart of oil to my car every two days but I don't see any oil spots on the ground when I park. Where is it going?

Brake peddle goes Almost all the wayto the floor. Brake fluid is full.

Went to start it a few days ago and it just clicked like the battery was dead. After several tries it started right up. After stopping to pick up a few things, I noticed the volt meter was jumping up and down but not like it does when something is turned on or off. Then it just died. Ater a minute or two it started again and was fine again. Have c leaned or replaced all connections. battery and alternater test normal. Still have needle jumping around erratically
Any ideas would be helpfull..

the car has 68k on it. I bought it from police impound. it had sat at least ten years. it has allways ran lean and wouldn't turn over 3100 rpm. I have replaced the pressure regulator, the pump , and the filter twice. car has never been wrecked. lines not pinched. I'm thinking the injectors are clogged. is this a possibility? if so can I rebuild them?

My uncle has a 1995 Mercury Cougar xr7 with a V8 engine... recently shes been stalling out on us and refusing to start...Sometimes when we stop to turn she wont accelerate, we have hooked the car up to a computer that is supposed to diagnose the problem and it showed that it was the mass airflow sensor so we replaced it, then it showed that the EGR sensor was the problem so we replaced that but shes only gotten worse and we can't figure out what the problem is....Has anyone else suffered these problems?

Every time I turn it on it will wipe a few times on low then stop

light are turn off doors are closed main lights are of yet the park lights stay on

1995 Mercury Cougar with actual-original mileage 68,148

Gear is locked up tight, can't move shift at all, back wheels won't move at all....

The car is a Ford Cougar 1993 bought in Mexico; V8 Motor (Not the Super-charged motor) with Air Conditioning

is car safe to drive