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Owners' Reviews

Mercedes-Benz CLK55 AMG Reviews and Owner Comments

4 Reviews
Mercedes-Benz CLK55 AMGOwner Reviews (4 reviews)
  • 2006 Mercedes-Benz CLK55 AMG
    Visitor, San Antonio, TX, March 06, 2013 13:23
    I purchased my 06 CLK 55 AMG on 27 Dec 2012. It puts a smile on my face every time I drive it. Its the smoothest riding quickest (not the fastest, my 02 WS6 Trans-Am hold that title)car i have ever owned. It handles like a dream the car had a little over 33k miles on it when I bought it. like my other classics it will never be sold but passed on to my sons or daughter. The exhaust note is awesome with the top down,it turns heads everywhere we go. My wife looks even lovelier whipping it around the city.
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  • 2002 Mercedes-Benz CLK55 AMG
    Visitor, Ambler, PA, October 29, 2012 16:22
    I love this 2002 CLK55 AMG convertible. I have 139,000 miles on. Other than normal maintenance which has included brake pad and rotors, tires, I have has some minor issues. The AC needed a new compressor at 120,000 miles, some of the pixels on the dash board lights have gone out, and one of the cables that operate the opening and closing of the top broke. I recently replaced a front universal ball joint and tie rod, but after 139,000 miles that's not a surprise.The body is in great shape with no rust. The engine is flawless, the interior fit and finish are still great with no rattles. That's amazing given this is a convertible with a very powerful AMG engine. This car is built to last and I fully expect another 200,000 plus miles.
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  • 2001 Mercedes-Benz CLK55 AMG
    Visitor, Pleasant Hope, MO, January 07, 2011 19:04
    best 2dr and 4seater build ever well as we know Mercedes build top cars and CLK55 one of them and on top of that the AMG hand build drive train make it even better the verdict is +++(W208 CLK55 AMG) ++++ it is best car out there
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  • 2004 Mercedes-Benz CLK55 AMG
    superbonbonz, Alameda, CA, December 11, 2009 22:22
    Awesome engine, very fast, sedate styling but performance makes up for it.
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