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Just stop working.I checked the fuses , seems ok . Any suggestions?
I got a 2005 SLK 350 and they put to much oil in the car it started smoking when i first started it in the mornings and than it started leaking oil. Now i have drained the oil down but still leaking.
Had to jump car off to get it out of garage and took to a shop to recharge battery. Thought problem was the loop for the electrical would not let audio come on when weak battery. Audio worked before battery ran down...
I have replaced the batteries in the smart key but can only operate the top from inside the car
Can anybody help me please i have slk350 model 2005 my navigation does not on only i see mercedes logo and it switch off again. i tried changing new battery but still same only it works in 1 way . i relug the batery...
This has happened 3 times, each time I can park the car and the next time I start it and drive, the AC will blow cold air. This time it has not corrected itself. What should I start looking at to correct this?
is there a battery in the trunk of the SLK 350, If so where is it at ? I was told by my Mercedes Dealer there is one fro accessories
Some of buttons on my display unit (GPS,SAT radio, etc.) stopped working. Dealer says $7500 to replace unit. Are there used ones out there somewhere?
i just recently bought the car n it didnt come with manul i dont know where the trunk button at in the car
Yes I can smell oil burning coming from under my hood. I can also see small drops around the back side of the valve covers. You said: Spark plug tube seals and grommets can also leak oil, which can be mistaken for a l...
How do I set the clock in my slk350? Also, is there a button to open the trunk from the inside of the car?
Is it important to have engine light that stays on checked out when car shows no problems what so ever.
My engine light goes on but the car runs fine with lots of power. I have checked gas cap and that is secure. No smells no anything. Could it be a malfunction in the light or something to do with the e-mission. Car...