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not cut off --so I ordered a new control and replaced the old one but the fan still will not cut off. Any ideas? 2001n Mer. SLK 230...
how to remove and replace shift console. Can move lever, but car only drives in 1st when in drive. Also, I don't have ability to push lever to right or left to down/upshift. dash says D only. Thank you.
Tried Lower top but inside cover is open therefore will not activate
Power comes on lights light up all electrical comes on but starter will not engage
Can a locksmith do this repair on my SLK 230?
i changed the oil and noticed tranny fluid in my radiator,my trans just started slipping in low gear so i thought the fluid was low.i topped it off & it doesnt slip,but i know i have to fix it rite away, thanks
have add sound system (sound security) add amp speaker system,where is the gage sending unit, or is it a fuse if so what fuse box location thank you
how do i replace the rearview mirror?
Instruction shows me how to manually close my hardtop but how do you manually open it? is there some kind of locking mechanism to pull? Thanks a million.
MBZ dealer put that down on my list of repairs. How do I know it really needs it.
On my SLK230 the glove compartment door wont catch to stay closed, how do I fix this?
Where's a good place that doesn't charge alot for new tires?