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Che ked connections and have power to player in trunck.
have reset key fob. dash lights come on when I try to crank. battery has been charged that does not seem to want to hold a charge.
Also will not start or run until fuel is sprayed into the intake
The CODE keeps coming up after entering so I think either the code is wrong (doubtful) or I am doing some thing wrong. After entering the code number three times the wait (lockout) comes on and nothing happens. Any ...
My antenna got stolen. This is the black,rubber coated, non-retractable that screw in. Where and how much would this cost to replace it. Thanks
Fuel gauge showing empty or half when tank is full car is 1999 230 slk
When they do the water level and oil pressure alarms come on. Fuel gauge and RPM stay steady except occasionally when everything goes crazy for a moment. While all this is happening the car runs perfectly
left turn signal works, emergency flashers work but nothing to do with right turn signals work. including side light. could it be a relay and if so what one and where to find it
windshield washers work but not the headlight washers. need some things to check to find out if it's something simple
key still at the steering wheel,when I closed the door,it locked,what is the remedy to open the door from outside,the engine hood is open
My light keeps going out I have to keep getting out to take it out an putt it back I'm but will go out when I turn my car off or close my trunk too hard and already got a fix it ticket so I need to fix it or replace i...
It's still connected but loose...bracket is not connected somehow.
the check engine light came on I loosened the gas cap and it ran O.K. for a while I have cleaned the Mass Air Flow Sensor running rough