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Can I now replace them with a slightly narrower tire but keep the same rims? Also I've been told one rim is slightly "bent"; can it be "unbent" at low cost? Thanx!!!
When it first wound down there was a "click" and a "rattle" as if something fell inside the door. A friend replaced something (Trip switch?) and it worked OK for 2 or 3 times then the same thing happened. If you win...
If you pour gas in intake it will start for a second and die
how can you tell if the maf sensor is faulty or what else can i look for thats causing this fault
checked the fuses and replace all the bulbs no ryme or reason cant get them to work .... please help ...need a wiring diagram and some sane advice Thanks SparkyBen
I changed my battery and got the + - crossed. Cranks, starts, then engine dies. After I did this the headlight washer pump ran and sprayed washer fluid continuously. I removed the right tire and wheel well cover and r...
Is there anything in this repair process that would cause this?
restartn the car it will in a few seconds it will idle correctly then the idle will decrease and start roughly idling like engine will die and shifting to drive and it wioll not accelerate at all.
I am considering removing the grey painted finish leaving the black substrate exposed. Can anyone tell me if this idea will work? What should I use to remove the old paint without damaging the substrate?
Half speedometer lights out along with the heater control lights. Can someone tell me how to access them?
While driving, the speedometer of the car stopped working and I noticed that it did not switch gears anymore but only drove on with the first gear. Also all warning lights on the dashboard turned on. We tried to res...