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Iv have 2 fuel pumps put in, MAS flow replaced, fuel filters and 02 sensors replaced as well. I have no idea what to do next. Its going to the shop in a few days
s/c clutch wont engage at all ive hardwired it and it runs ok no bad noises, i have replaced a mofset in the ECU buk101 50dl but nothings happened i have swapped the maf still nothing
Can I now replace them with a slightly narrower tire but keep the same rims? Also I've been told one rim is slightly "bent"; can it be "unbent" at low cost? Thanx!!!
When it first wound down there was a "click" and a "rattle" as if something fell inside the door. A friend replaced something (Trip switch?) and it worked OK for 2 or 3 times then the same thing happened. If you win...
If you pour gas in intake it will start for a second and die
how can you tell if the maf sensor is faulty or what else can i look for thats causing this fault
checked the fuses and replace all the bulbs no ryme or reason cant get them to work .... please help ...need a wiring diagram and some sane advice Thanks SparkyBen
I changed my battery and got the + - crossed. Cranks, starts, then engine dies. After I did this the headlight washer pump ran and sprayed washer fluid continuously. I removed the right tire and wheel well cover and r...
Is there anything in this repair process that would cause this?
restartn the car it will in a few seconds it will idle correctly then the idle will decrease and start roughly idling like engine will die and shifting to drive and it wioll not accelerate at all.
I am considering removing the grey painted finish leaving the black substrate exposed. Can anyone tell me if this idea will work? What should I use to remove the old paint without damaging the substrate?
Half speedometer lights out along with the heater control lights. Can someone tell me how to access them?