1995 Mercedes-Benz SL600 Questions

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Looking for the main fuel injection harness what 95 SL600 help

the original problem was intermittent at any speed might accellerate like cruise control accel on. Been at dealer for 2 months now goes straight to 5000 rpm and stays there. Dealer says not repairable

after manually releasing the top I am unable to push the rear pins into the retainer slots.

I do not know if my car has a single or dual pump but would appreciate the part number if anyone knows it. I bought this a fix up car and everything is now perfect except the suspension light is on. Took it to Mercedes and they say pump has low pressure and price for new one installed will be about $3700 and not sure that will fix it. I would like to find one used to try. I think my pump is a single unit.
Mercedes will not give me the part number.

the ASR light is on. Less power. Low speed