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In the principle it happened in different moments. Now it is permanent
tried pulling handle and followed owners manual but brake does not release
to Lawrence Kansas with no problems or leaks. I then had all of the fluids replaced (car had 31,000 certified miles on it). After one day a large tranny fluid leak showed up on the floor. The dealer had changed the...
when starting accelarate to high rpm not all ways disconect air flow meter on passenger side very little change in rpm disconect air fiow meter on driver side rough idle loss of power accelerate fair when park could t...
can the convertable top go up manualy. if so how? the pump is broke. i replaced the 2 front pumps. 4 more am told need replacement . 4500 estimate, seems like a lot?
All the forward gears are working fine, it won't engage in to reverse.
A couple of weeks ago it would take a little playing with to get it to go in to reverse. Now it just won't at all. The shifter works fine, just no go. All forward gears are fine. Someone told me they think it's a s...