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Pulled down carpeting on right floor side near firewall. Transmission fluid leaking thru? transmission plate? seeps along exposed hoses, stain on backside of carpet. Transmission shifts normal for now, not sure abou...
Windows are supposed to lower a bit when door is opened and then raise back in place when closed. Just stopped working suddenly. No fuses blown but radio required code at same time. Windows still work, just not that a...
windshield. All other functions work. What is the problem?
looking for where is the micro switch/proximity sensor located
Full tune up complete. New crank sensor, fan clutch, mass air sensor. Runs great except at idle with air conditioning on. Any help??? Thanks
The engine turns over fine but does not start. It has spark, but does not get fuel.
How much does it cost for 1999 Mercedes SL500 tuneup in New Castle Delaware?
My wife just got home with the car and now the light for the hard top and the soft top are on. I tried to release the top and nothing happens. The windows don't work either.
heat will not blow air out on the lower heat vents just on the deforest
The freon leaks. Therefore, A/C does not work. Am advised much of dash must be removed in order to fix? Cost?