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Top goes down slowly and needs manual help occaisonally when putting it up
We have taken it to 3 different mercedes mechanics and none of them have figured out why it is making the noise. If we open the hood it does not sound like it is coming from that area, but it is still inside the car....
It will go up but won't lock so the back won't go close
It goes back down and the back closes. Any ideas how to fix this problem?
my soft top will not unlatch above the windshield, any ideas?
as i go faster the air goes away until i stop than comes ack
Not long ago I discovered that I had a dead battery. After recharging @ reprogramming my 98 SL500 everything seemed fine. Then when I killed the car I sat listening and hear a small, very quiet fan blowing up thru the...
How do I remove the BOSE system so I can get to the hydraulic cylinder?
When I hit a light bump the car will start slightly pulling to one side or the other or does it just need alignment?
air conditioner freezes up fan blower slows down after about 75 miles of driving with ac on. Works fine for same period of time after the vehicle sits for about an hour.
The cig. fuse blows (there is no element in the lighter), then the power seats only work with one of the doors open
passengers in my car can`t use seatbelt anymore. only one freak time has it worked in the last year.
female part of seatbelt is broken and no longer latches
when I attemp to put top down, it is very slow and I have to help it along. it has progressively gotten worse. now it wont even opperate