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I have check engine Ligth Idiognotic I get code 410 it's air pump the old code
at the same time the window quit dropping that 1/4" till the door is shut. Anybody have a clue what to look for?
How to reset parking brake?
This problem happens eveytime. No problem during acceleration. On my CarMd tool in said it may be a camshaft timing sensor.
The altenator warning light goes on and off. I replaced the altenator two times,and still have the same problem. Both altenators checked out to be good. Do you think the wire harness would cause this?
I am replacing my cross over oiler tubes that feed the valve lifters. In doing so, I need to remove all the cam caps and then re-torque the bolts. I need the torque specs for the bolts and of course the valve cover too.
my soft top doesn't work properly and when I open the doors my windows go all the way down instead of just a little.
my battery was replaced now my soft top dont work.can i reprogram this myself.or what ever has to be done
I had the battery and altnater replaced drove for a week . Went to get a smog test and the computer will not reset . I have been back every other day for a week. how do I have to drive to reset the computer
My top opens and closes fine. The roll bar seems to operate fine, but warning light never turns off. When I lower the roll bar all the way, the roll bar button blinks with " flashing red arrows pointing upwards", unti...
I have the dealer code, but there is no LED display or code prompt. The stereo puts out a tiny bit of sound, just enougfh to barely hear it. The amp seem s to come on, but is it a code issue or is the deck just wore o...
I need to replace the hydraulics for the top because they leak a lot. is this a huge project and are there any links that show this?
had bad ticking noise replaced all oiler tubes and valve cover gaskets
I was having aproblem with the security system so I disconnected the battery to reset it. Now I need a code to turn on the radio. I am the third owner of this vehicle and do not have the original owner documents.