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Have opportunity to trade a Chrysler 300 for a 1995 sl500 with 151k miles good records kept is it worth the trade or keep the chrysler
my sister was dianosised with a bad crank sensor. Is it difficult to replace?
I got car couple months ago cheap from a friend. Mechanically it is sound and runs great but has other issues..I intend to fix all bugs/problems myself so I can put my limited money into needed parts/accessories. What...
after installing sensor car would not start anymore.
all bolts have been remove from water pump but appears harmonic balancer will not allow 1 bolt to b removed
convertable stop was left down during rain storm and is not able to close. Please advise any suggestions.thank you
I called Mercedes Roadside Service and they jump started the car. I ran it awhile and drove about six miles to charge the battery. The next morning it would not start. I tmake a clicking noise but the starter will n...