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after replacing the crankcase sensor do you need to reset or check the timing?
crank sensor, 95 SL500. Price or difficulty doing it myself.
after replacing the sensor now the car wont start at all
Easy DIY fix. Google "TOP HYDRAULICS". Paid $55.00 each after sending in the ones I took off. Got back a set with better seals installed and droped cylinders back in above windshield. Saved Over $1,000 dealer wanted t...
it seems that my windows are not in alignment so I can't use the automatic switch to put the top down, i called and spoke with someone in the customer service department and was talked thru how to do so. my problem is...
some time the driver side window works and some time it won't
It shuts down like the engine is not getting fuel, almost like the security system shuts down the fuel system. I have replaced the crank shaft senor and that did not solve the problem. There seem to be a low resistan...
Other problems/solutions to get the passenger window fixed? Module Mercedes Part # 129 820 24 26 needs diagnosing if it is not a relay? Best least expensive fix for this part? Going to unhook battery to reset modul...
i already removed the shift lever wood cover.still remaining is the radio wood cover and the whole console assy. as well. is there any hidden bolts?help me pls. thank U.
Passanger side power window up and dead. No motor sound no response from switch and no listing in main fuse box for power window fuse. Is there another location for this fuse? If there is no fuse for this, what should...
Electrics are not working ... how do I release the storage compartment in back?
once all bolts are loose - what else is there - why can't i slide it out ?! is ther a manual on line that shows pictures ?
my convertible top wont go up and down it is out of hydraulic oil where is it located to put the oil in