1995 Mercedes-Benz SL320 Questions

Answered 1995 Mercedes-Benz SL320 Questions

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Would a fuse cause this problem? Do you think a battery reset would work?
driving away from the body shop every time I used my turn signal the instrument cluster would light up with error codes. I took the car back immediately and was told the wiring under the passenger seat was fried? Is...
My ASR light comes on and puts LHM mode. Want it disabled, is this possible?
my softtop dose not opreat????
leaking hydraulic fluid and we cant get it to release manually
What type of a tool do you need to read the codes? Where are the connection ports located?
Can you please tell me where the oil filter is located at on this vehicle/engine. Thanks
Found an oil leak of some sort in front of my rear right hand side wheel.Wonder what it is from.Thank you Regards Ian