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Come on people use your Brian's these cars are fantastic. if u want something to last you have to maintain it. Its all about maintenance with any car. There's a lot of people that do it wrong, don't just go down to yo...
I own a 2000, Mercedes G-500. When I push the gas there is a clicking noise in the front of the vehicle. This only happens when I am pushing the gas.
This problem started when my engine fan refused to stop after turning off my ignition. I later discovered that the fan controller module was bad and i replaced it. After then the car has drain 3 new 12volt batteries a...
And sometime it want now it just trying to catch but want crank can you give me a few pointers that could be the issue?
I was doing a google search to look for a problem with the auxiliary fan motor and came across your website, it had highlighted the search I was looking for but couldn't find it. Just wanted to see if this was a probl...
Serpentine belt is on OK I see no broken belts -- any more belts other than serpentine? Any idea where to look, or should I just tow to the shop
Put a new relay and the rear airbag will not raise up.
When my car drives the airmatic light continuously comes on
Connection on 2000 phones are different that todays smart phones.Is there a way to adapt it?
Do the back brakes need to be changed if they look fine also?I didnt see any sensors there?