replaced all electrical relays under backseat and car is NOT getting fuel. How and where do u test the sensor to the fuel pump?

after replacing the relays under backseat again bc there was water in the relay boxes again, (don't know why), now the fuel is not getting to the engine. The fuel pump relay does work and so does the fuel pump. What would I troubleshoot next.

vehicle body is practically sitting on tires

I replaced the fuel system relay and there's still no fuel getting to the engine. What is my next step to troubleshoot this problem?

shows 8 codes of random misfire.new plugs and wires and coils

After I replaced the compressor, the front end maintains it's proper road height, but the compressor cycles on about 5 to 10% of the time.

The vehicle will stay at its normal road height even when left undriven through week ends.

There is no audable indication of an air leak.

I want to replace it

The blower stop working.

Mine does not light up

S500 MB yr.2000 having malfunctions of electrical gauges,indicators,speedometer lighting goes on/off or dimming,
having problem recently started. Rest all other equipment AC. etc. works perfectly

My email: ibrahimsharif@hotmail.com

My S500 - 2000 MBENZ is - Eleven years old orginal rubber seal gaskets worn out falling apart - car's excel - been in TV shows - etc. custom look from europe - just replace worn parts to keep it up, thanks for your help! The exyerior -
paint is a Black greenish blue - with gray leather int 90K miles second owner- took over at 40K miles

i'm driving the car turns off and it cools off and starts agian 5mins turns off agian

i drive for 10mins and the car turns off

The car will run normal but after setting some time it will crank normally but will not start.

Im changing the front passanger side control arm. I got the screw out at the ball joint and by the sensor. Butt by the wishbone area the screws just keep turning is the re a nut that needs to be held or what.