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will not start ,engine will not turn over ,all lights comes on,battery is good 12.6 volts, have checks fuses,front lighter will not work
My name is fernando,have problem with the gas cap that not closed complit and check engine is coming.that is common problem in this car.
The ac is working great The problem is Driver side vent is not letting the cool air out warm air is comming through the went What could be the reason?
where is the cabin filter located in my 2000 Mercedes S500 located? Can one replace it myself?
There is a loud noise when you turn sterring wheel left or right, what is my problem?
How do I store my car in my garage,because in winter I don't drive it that much> I'm worried about the tires I keep the battery on a maintenance charger so the battery stays charged but will my tires become brittle or...
My air ride system went out the technician replaced it with a new one plus a relay.then they said I needed struts and sway bar link was this neccessary because I'm out of $1800 dollars?
how do i change front pads
A/C was not blowing cold air. used the A/C booster and now A/C BLOWS HOT air, and fan starts when i turn on the A/C. Could i have leaked out all of the refrigerant?
car has been to two mechanics( Non mercedes dealers) . they recharged and did the leak test, but can not find the problem.the car just came back from the second mechanic and has a strange smell inside the car. please ...
we replaced the rear pads and sensors but the light is still on..how do you reset it? I hit the reset button for the mileage and it stays off but comes on when u start the car again thanks
where do i put the oil for trasmision
I recently had the kit installed for my front struts now the right side does not stay up as soon as the car is turned off it goes down could it be a line or bad kit?